Advance Polls will take place on Wednesday, October 5 and Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

For more information on how to vote, including instructions on how to vote by mail, please visit the City of Nanaimo’s Elections Page.

I’m running for City Council to be a strong advocate for all Nanaimo residents, and to help build a more livable, accessible, and sustainable city for everyone.

As a former reporter with a background in broadcast journalism, I will listen closely to what residents need and want from our city, bring those values and ideas to the council table, and report from the inside so you can be more informed and involved in the decisions impacting our future. I’m committed to doing the research when more information is required, asking the tough questions, and using critical thinking to help determine the best course of action to meet the needs of Nanaimo citizens.

For the past few years, I’ve been helping Nanaimo residents navigate federal bureaucracy and advocating on their behalf when they’ve been let down by the government that is supposed to serve them. I see the serious challenges people are up against when it comes to problems like affordability and access to health care, and I understand the many complex, systemic issues at play. I’m ready to put my energy into municipal politics, where the local government can take a proactive role in helping to address these critical areas that have a huge impact on our daily lives.


As a Nanaimo City Councillor, I will commit to working in collaboration with council, city staff, citizens, businesses, stakeholders, and upper levels of government to proactively address issues impacting the quality of life of all Nanaimo residents.

A more livable, affordable Nanaimo

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  • Strong advocacy to upper levels of government on the severe doctor shortage that’s putting the health and well-being of residents at risk
  • Continue to push for major provincial funding to increase capacity and services at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • Updating city policies to permit tiny homes in addition to more secondary suites and carriage houses to increase density in appropriate areas
  • Create more sliding-scale and affordable recreation and sports programs
  • Support initiatives to create stability for renters who have experienced skyrocketing rates and dwindling supply
  • Work closely with BC Housing and developers to build housing that is accessible for individuals and families of all income levels

Increased accessibility for residents

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  • Prioritize pedestrian safety upgrades, including sidewalks and illuminated crosswalks in underserved neighbourhoods
  • Connect safe cycling and walking routes in the city to promote active transportation
  • Make city facilities, amenities, and parks more accessible for people with mobility challenges
  • Make public transit free for students, seniors, and low-income residents, and expand accessible transit services like the HandyDART program
  • Ensure the city is actively supporting community organizations dedicated to serving individuals with diverse abilities

Planning for a sustainable future

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  • Prioritize protecting Nanaimo’s watershed and drinking water supply
  • Enhance and expand city parks, green spaces, and urban forest
  • Strengthen the transit system to reduce Nanaimo’s reliance on cars
  • Incentivize building net-zero housing and actively support energy retrofits for residential and commercial buildings
  • Collaborate with community food security partners to establish a permanent indoor farmer’s market and increase access to local food
  • Make decisions that reflect the fact that we’re in a Climate Emergency

Questions? Feedback?

I want to listen closely to what residents need and want from our city, bring forward these ideas, and advocate for the positive change we all want to see for Nanaimo. Please get in touch and let me know what’s important to you.


I originally moved to Nanaimo nine years ago from Elora, Ontario, to work as a radio reporter. I didn’t know anyone here and I’d never even been to BC, I just knew I loved Nanaimo bars and I was excited to get to know the city. My goal was to cover all the important issues and help citizens better understand what was happening in their community so they could be more engaged and involved in shaping the future of the place they call home.

I quickly fell in love with Nanaimo – not just for its natural beauty – but because of the vibrant community. This city is full of amazing community-builders, including artists, musicians, small business owners, entrepreneurs, activists, and big-hearted people working hard to make Nanaimo an even better place. After only a short time, I knew I wanted to stay and be a part of it.

As a reporter with 91.7 Coast FM, I saw many highs and lows firsthand and regularly covered city council meetings. I gained a strong understanding for the key issues at play in our city and what really matters to residents. I also gained a lot of respect for the many grassroots organizations, not-for-profits, service clubs, and volunteer groups making a positive impact in the community.

Making a positive impact is why I got into journalism in the first place, which then led to politics. In my current role as a Caseworker for the Member of Parliament’s office, I help people navigate federal bureaucracy and I advocate on their behalf when they need assistance. I love getting positive results and helping people feel heard, understood, and respected.

During my time in Nanaimo, I have also worked as the Bookstore Manager for Literacy Central Vancouver Island, an incredible social enterprise that helps people reach their literacy goals. I have been involved with organizing the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival since 2015, first as a volunteer and then as Festival Director for the past two seasons. I have written a few freelance articles for The Discourse, including one about the Nanaimo Rent Bank highlighting the ongoing rental affordability crisis. In 2015, I had the honour of participating in the Tour de Rock as a media rider. I personally helped fundraise over $18,000 to send kids with pediatric cancer to Camp Goodtimes, and I shaved my head during an event at Maffeo Sutton Park to support the cause. Look, it grew back!


Climate Vote Nanaimo

I’m honoured to have received Climate Vote Nanaimo’s endorsement. As they say on their website: “If you are concerned about the climate crisis, voting for climate champions is one of the most important actions you can take to help.” READ MORE.

Nanaimo Duncan & District Labour Council 

Thank you to the Nanaimo Duncan and District Labour Council for endorsing me for Nanaimo City Council! This endorsement means a lot to me. Workers’ rights are human rights.


My Nanaimo Chronicles Podcast episode is a quick 6-minute recording with some background about myself, why I’m running, and my vision for Nanaimo. All mayoral and council candidates were invited to record and submit an episode. Such a great idea! www.nanaimochronicles.com

From The Nanaimo News Bulletin:

Eastmure wants to help with the housing crisis, for example by working to identify suitable sites for social housing and pushing for affordable components in new developments. She wants to advocate for health services and partner on initiatives to attract and retain physicians.

She anticipates being a lifelong renter and would bring that perspective to discussions about affordability, and said she understands the values of the “younger generation” and the changes they’re keen to see.

She said local government impacts people’s daily lives, and the idea of working as part of team to bring positive change appeals to her.

“I see a lot of people who are maybe feeling a bit fearful about things like community safety and … crime and some candidates are approaching this trying to capitalize on that fear-based angle,” Eastmure said. “But when I’m talking to people, I hear a lot of hope and lot of positivity and a lot of belief in Nanaimo’s potential and I think that is what people want to see from council.” READ MORE.